Friday, February 11, 2011

Update on wishes

Even though I am still digging deep inside to find some inspiration to write about how my life in this snowy city has been I thought a good start is a short update on my wish list.

As my friend Jonathan said, living debt free is going to propel your other wishes, so last weekend I sat with my husband and we went over the stuff we need to pay off in order to start working towards the other wishes. It was a liberating experience since that allows me to stop worrying about my future and start chipping in one day at a time. We finally put together a master plan for the next 5 years. It sounds daunting but the funny thing is that it wasn’t at all. It just took two hours of our lives and I was very pleased with the fact that my husband and I are on the same page that is always good news.

Also, the eating healthy part has been work in progress, we watched Oprah last week and her interview with Kathy Freston, she wrote a book called Veganist where she talks about the benefits of a vegan life style. We are not going to go 100% vegan because I just love fish and cheese too much but we decided to clean up a little bit our daily diet taking some points from her. So I guess that is also a good point.

Lastly, I have been taking bootcamp classes since November and still going strong. I don’t know if I have lost any weight but I am for sure not gaining which under the weather conditions I am living on right now is a BIG plus. You know, when it is freezing cold outside, half of the streets are covered with ice (they look and feel like a skating rink)  and sunset happens around 4:00pm you really don’t feel like moving too much, you are bored and the closest thing to you is the kitchen…so I am giving me some points for this too.

And that is all for now folks! Here are some pictures taken from my backyard and of me with Luci walking through the neighborhood (check out the height of the snow banks).


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