Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 – What to make of this brand new year?

As the first month of this 2011 passes by I realized I haven’t written anything on my blogs for some weeks now. I had a ton of ideas about topics, wanted to show off my Christmas decorations, talk about the great Christmas celebrations I was part of and more. But then something happened that changed all my priorities. We had a loss in our family. It happened all of the sudden on December 26th.

It happened here in Massachusetts and as God always knows, we didn’t travel to Mexico this time. See, usually by the 26th of December my husband and I are in Mexico City spending time with my family. This year we decided not to go since we had so many changes during 2010; the move, new job, new apartment etc. Of course that now I can tell you that we were here for a reason. A tragic one.

Since this loss affects so many people, I don’t want to go into details. It is not for me to tell this story. I just wanted to say, you will always be missed and remembered in my mind and my heart. Thank you for the smile and all the great little things you shared and did for me. Little things in life are what actually enrich a life. Thank you.

Because of the events that took place during the last two weeks I think I am going to need time to come up with words and topics. Or maybe I will be more prolific than before. I still don’t know. What I do know is that on New Year’s Eve, when the resolutions time came in, I just made one: To be happy, as happy as I can possibly be. I made this promise to my aunt that passed away some years ago, I promised her that I would live my life to the fullest and would live it based on the principles that she thought me. Now, I want to renew this promise. Remember that there is no better time to live your life than now.

See you soon.


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