Friday, December 17, 2010

Have you ever watched a movie that changed your life? “Presumed Guilty” changed mine

I started this blog some months ago to talk about my new life in New England. At the same time I started my blog in Spanish to discuss some of the same topics but in Spanish. The problem is that every time I start typing in Spanish and I read/see news from Mexico I feel that whatever I am saying is really silly, that I should be doing something to help my country to find its way back to a safe place where its citizens are not afraid to go out, etc. The problem is that I am far away and I am one and how can I make a difference?

Three weeks ago my husband and I went to the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University. We were there because we wanted to volunteer for the Boston Latino Film Festival and a meeting was being held that day for volunteers. After that, the head of the festival mentioned that there was a Mexican documentary playing next door. So we went in and what a surprise! They were playing Presumed Guilty, not only did we watched the film, we had the honor to listen to Roberto Hernandez one of the producers of the film. Now, I do not know Roberto personally but when he spoke he didn’t introduced himself as this big wig guy, he said, I am a law student at Berkeley, Mexican and did this because things need to change in our country, if we don’t work towards change we are going to lose our country…. I finished his sentence in my mind: lose it to corruption, to drug cartels, to politicians that work in pro of their own agendas and then it hit me right in the head. 

This is what I feel every time I go to Mexico, if we don’t do something, we are going to lose our country. The best part is that I just have the feelings with no motion but Roberto and his team had done this film to put the finger on the corrupt systems we have in Mexico. Change is possible if we are all together on this. And thanks to Presunto Culpable and Roberto, my hopes for a better future have been reborn.

I am still thinking on how I can make a difference but in the meantime, a good start is promoting Presumed Guilty (Presunto Culpable). The movie has been played in many many film festivals and will be played in many theaters in Mexico this coming February. One of the objectives is to create awareness in Mexico not only about how the legal system doesn’t work (we all know that) but that change is possible. It costs $700 dollars to make a copy of the movie for a theater; the point is to educate as many Mexicans as possible. It is like, no Mexican left behind! So, since we are in a holiday season, I have no shame to ask, if you have some extra cash, please donate to this cause here, you will be giving a Christmas gift to an entire country.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Ale -- Very grateful that you came to see Presumed Guilty! As you mention, the film has been around to many festivals, won many awards, but the biggest award is knowing that people like you get the message, spread the message, and really care about effecting change. So grateful that you publicized the grassroots call for help in getting donations for more copies -- so that more and more Mexicans can know what goes on beyond the cameras, and join in the efforts for more cameras, more clarity, more change. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. It was very I opening for me. Thanks Ale (my wife), and Roberto for all that you do to spread the word!

  3. I was there too and I was also really moved by the film. I have to say my main feeling after watching the film was shame. Shame on me, my own performance in the Mexican Democracy was about blaming the system, the elite and I used to feel quite good looking for responsibles. I was cursing the darkness instead of lightening a candle. My most sincere gratitude and recognition to Roberto and Layda.

  4. I love "You will be giving a Christmas gift to an entire country!"

    You have done a great service by posting this.

    So appreciated.

    Let's light the candles!

  5. @Presunto Culpable
    Thank you Roberto. I think you and your team represent with actions what many Mexicans have been wanted to do for a long time.
    Keep up the great work and we will work with you to make Presunto Culpable a success in Mexico.

  6. @Chef H
    Thank you honey. Thank you for supporting in support the causes that are so close to my heart!

  7. @Inveterata
    I know that feeling. Thank you for reading and please invite your friends/family to donate!

  8. @mes
    Thank you so much for reading. Please invite your family and friends to donate to this great cause. Education is the beginning of every big change.