Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey!!

Today is my husband’s birthday! Not any birthday, it is his 40th birthday and we are going to have a weekend full of fun. It already started with a nice dinner at his parents’ house on Friday night where part of his extended family showed up to congratulate him.

It was a special little get-together since he was the first grandchild born on his mom’ side of the family. That means that for some time he was the most beloved child of two uncles and two aunts and the adoration of two full sets of grandparents, how cool is that?

We got to see some of his childhood pictures and it is so nice to see how much love was around my husband when he was a baby. Then we got to see some of the same faces 40 years after still showing the same love they showed on those pictures.

Being part of that moment just confirmed that we made the right decision coming to live to MA closer to his family.

Now, my wishes for my husband on this special date is that he keeps having his health, his lovely reaction to newly discovered things and that we can spend many more of these birthdays together. I love you honey!

Birthdays are special because you are celebrating the fact that a special person in your life was born and ergo part of your life. So birthday celebrations ARE important.

And I don’t care if my husband doesn’t like cards…I got him one together with some little gifts…more on that on the next post. Stay tuned.

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  1. First and foremost, happy birthday to Henry!!

    Next, some words to the author of this post, Alejandra. You painted a beautiful picture of you, Henry and his family gathering together to celebrate and love the birthday boy. I love how you talked about seeing the photos of his family loving him as a child and seeing those same faces there to love him in person so many years later. I got a warm feeling in my heart when I read that. It's very special for Henry to have such love and support around him and for you two to be able to be close to that today. Thank you for sharing!