Friday, October 1, 2010

Little things in life!

I still remember when my now husband taught me that expression. We just started dating and he mentioned something that made him happy. Back then, he just had moved to AZ and was finding his way around. I do not remember what exactly he was referring to but I do remember his explanation on how little things in life are the things that make you happy on daily basis.

Since I moved to MA I have found more of those things in my everyday life. I was thinking about that yesterday. We were at –what it seems lately - our second home “Home Depot” and I remembered that I wanted a second set of house keys so when I walk Luci (our dog and only child) I don’t have to carry with all my keys (car and house keys are attached). So I got the new set and got one of those key chains that you can wrap around your wrist so you actually don’t have to carry anything on your hands. PERFECT for walking your dog. So I was and still am very happy with my new key set.
They look so healthy

Today we had a great dinner. My husband is a chef by profession and since his schedule allows him to arrive home like 2 hours before me, his job is cooking dinner for both. He stopped at the Farmers’ Market in Belmont and got some great produce: cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and fresh eggs. Yes, real eggs not the computer eggs you buy at the store. He made a pizza with veggies, basil and two types of cheese (feta & fresh mozzarella) and the result was a delicious and healthy dinner for two. That made me pretty happy. Hee are some pictures:

This is the veggie pizza
Beautiful tomatoe

Then we walked to get an ice cream, the fact that now we can just step out from our apartment building and have so many options at our tip toes makes me pretty happy.

So here it is, my gratitude list for little things in life that made me happy today. This is a great way to go to sleep…making an inventory of things that make me smile on daily basis. If you haven’t done a gratitude list before, I strongly encourage you to try it! You won’t regret it!


  1. I AM LOVING YOUR BLOG!! It is so good to be able to connect with you from a distance, and the blog is a great way to do this.

    This is a wonderful topic for a post -- one I've done before but am reminded here today that I need to revisit again. It is a wonderful thing to stop and appreciate the things in your life that make you happy -- little things and all.

    I love hearing you talk about your routine together, your make-walks-easier keychain, farmers markets, and dinner! I've never heard the term computer eggs, but that is exactly what they are. Great word choice! I am curious what Henry does for pizza dough. I've not make pizza at home because I never know how to do the crust. I'd appreciate some tips and ideas, if you want to share. Anyway, your dinner looks lovely! It's so nice you have a farmers market close by. It's a wonderful thing to be more connected with where your food actually comes from. Keep up the great blogging.

  2. Last weekend was the last one for Farmer's market :( we won't get them until next year. So sad! we did find some local farmers that hopefully will send us some eggs but good bye to fresh produce for some months!