Friday, October 8, 2010

Shopping addiction anyone?

It is hard for me to write about this but I think I need to put it out there so I can stop it. I got a new job a month ago after not working for 8 months. I finally have my own money again!

So what is a girl to do with her recent acquired income? Go shopping!! So first I bought myself two pair of glasses…from an exclusive boutique that is located in a very expensive area over here called Lexington Center. (The place is call Eye Look of Lexington).
Then I wanted to take advantage of a coupon I had from Ann Taylor but I knew that a trip to the mall was needed for that so I tried the second best option; went online. I usually don’t shop online because I want to try things on but I know the size scale for this particular brand pretty well so I went ahead and shopped away...this and then this one too!

 Then I wanted new boots and didn’t find anything in the stores that I liked. Coincidentally some days ago I read a great article about the Zappos culture of being happy. I have always liked their business model and they are indeed a GREAT online store…so I went there and found a lovely pair of purple boots for the fall…obviously it is impossible not to get anything since their selection is just amazing.

As many of you know, Massachusetts is the home of TJ Maxx…I really wanted a leather jacket and last week I found it in Marshalls! It was made for me…so I gave her a new home at my closet that night.

After that, a friend that loves upscale brands sent me this website and I have been checking their sale events but nothing caught my eye until I saw it…a beautiful dress/coat for the holidays…so I had to have it.

Yesterday, I was taking a break and ended up getting two beautiful purses from Zappos…so I know I am developing an addiction and it has to end, right now, right here.

So I promise to the universe (cyber universe) that I will stop shopping on impulse. I know myself better than that and even though I did deserve to get some great stuff as a celebration for my new position I also know that it is time for saving money and grow out from the thought that I deserve EVERYTHING I want, because as a girly girl…I will never have enough shoes, purses, clothes, cosmetics…you get the drift.

It is so hard to draw the line between spoiling yourself rotten and get a little something for a job well done!

If you have a shopping addiction like mine, kick yourself in the butt, make a list with your last 10 purchases (including prices), make a conscious decision to stop, forgive yourself and move on! (At least you will be moving forward wearing a great outfit!)


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