Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank you Patriots Fans!

Ok, so I have said before I am a transplant from Mexico City/ Arizona to New England. As everyone knows, people from New England are sportsfanatics; they love the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics. I think this is one of the only places where men AND women wear sports apparel of their favorite teams year long with no shame whatsoever.

And I am married to one of this loonies. My husband got tickets for the Patriots game against the Vikings. For a week he went back and forth with his friend about menu options, times to meet etc, etc, etc. For the whole week I cried to everyone that would listen that I would invest 8 hours of my life in a game that I didn’t care for and that I would much rather spend the money (and time) doing something else.

Sunday came along, I fought all morning with my hubby about stupid little things because I was expecting him to throw me out of the car (close to a Mall) and go to the game without me. But he is a trooper and a devoted husband so he just rolled his eyes and took me to the game.

And now I owe him a public apology. I had a GREAT time! Being there, tailgating with all the Patriotsfanatics and being part of that moment gave me a glimpse of why people love so much the game. For few hours everyone was pretty happy, eating, drinking, dancing, meeting people and smiling at each other because all of them had one thing in common, they wanted their team to win and have a good time. I think that is a reflection of the American culture.

So I had a chance to meet with very cool people that are open to share their foods and drinks with everyone, then went inside the Gillette Stadium, that is a gorgeous place, and had a great old time all together. Here are some pictures:

I don’t know if I would ever be a Patriotfanatic but I sure understand why people love the game.  And I do like the American way. When they want something, good attitude, positive thinking and a lot of hard work get them there and it seems that this coming elections will represent that culture one more time. They don’t like what they see and they are ready to go and change it.

As for me, Go Patriots! And Go Tom Brady! 


  1. What a fabulous post. I have thought the same thing -- some of these sporting events can require so much time and money, including football, baseball, golf, etc. But it can also be such a good time if you just let your hair down and decide to enjoy the moment. I'm glad to hear you had fun and got to experience for your full on tailgate and game. It looks like it was a beautiful and spirited day. I like your points, bringing it back to part of American culture and current events. You're such a good blogger, Ale! It's also good to see you and Henry in some photos. I love it. There's something about new experiences that make one feel alive.

  2. Thank you Sam. Yes, I did enjoy the game and will come back but until next year...I was freezing my a..!

    The good thing is that now I understand why Henry loves it so much and will let him go to as many as he wants!